XYZ Outlet #17: Georgia Sagri | Antigone Model

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XYZ Outlet #17: Georgia Sagri | Antigone Model | Tuesday September 13th from 20:00 to 21:00 strictly | Perdika 8 & Achileos, Metaxourgeio, 104 36, Athens

XYZ Outlet re-opens and continues, “DRY: No drinks, no party, just an art quickie”. On Tuesday 13 September we are presenting the performance
Antigone Model by Georgia Sagri.

XYZ Outlet will be open to the public for one hour only, as always, between 20:00 and 21:00.

About Antigone Model

For this performance, Georgia Sagri visits Sophocles’ play Antigone and draws upon its seminal tragic figure, a character fiercely consistent with her actions and morals whose choices defy the power of governance and state control.

Sagri approaches the Greek tragedy also via its translation by Friedrich Hölderlin (1804) and its adaptation by Bertolt Brecht, ANTIGONEMODELL (1948), set in 1945s Berlin.These three texts act as forces compelling the body to produce fundamental modules of sentiment (cry, laughter, facial expressions) that are repeated and are re-used.

By recording and sampling sound during the hour-long performance, Sagri creates live a repetitive sound-space that turns into movement. The notions of space, gender and parrhesia – bold, fearless speech – are disturbed and re-evaluated again and again. The performer and the viewer share the topos and the time of the tragedy, blurring the boundaries between performance and spectacle.

About Georgia Sagri

Georgia Sagri was born in Athens in 1979 and lives and works in New York. Her performances examine identity, language and the investigation and catalysis of existing structures. Often her works involve repetition and extended duration. A common thread of her practice is the formal study of what constitutes a performance and the re-assessment of the performer in relation to the audience, stage and historicity.