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XYZ present XYZ Outlet and their new practice: "DRY: No drinks, no party, just an art quickie".

In a tiny, abandoned store, in the downtown area of Metaxourgeio, a variety of projects will be showcased every two weeks, every other Tuesday, starting December 7th 2010 and running until the end of 2011. Each project will start promptly at 20:00 and will last up to an hour.

The concept of this curatorial project is built along two main interests that form the core of XYZ’s practice: the politics of the personal, and the issue of narrative, ‘experiential’ and ‘immersive’ space. Along these two axes, notions of identity, representation, history, oppression, and possibilities of critical engagement in the face of crisis, will be addressed through versatile artistic gestures, selected for their intuitive, indirect, empirical and sometimes poetic approach. At the same time, a number of the selected projects will form part of a sort of ‘sketchbook’, a series of notes for the upcoming 3rd edition of the Athens Biennale 2011, co-curated by Nicolas Bourriaud and XYZ, the narrative of which begins with a rather peculiar encounter between Walter Benjamin and the Little Prince in contemporary Athens. 

A small stage for experimentation and presentation of idiosyncratic artistic positions, where, within short periods, projects will interchange in a relay and trigger discourse, XYZ Outlet will act as a twisted worrywart in the heart of one of the most controversial neighborhoods of Athens, and quite literally outlet a tangential view on exhibition making and structures. A cozy and friendly hub for unexpected and disconcerting ideas.

XYZ Outlet is located at 8, Perdika Street, Metaxourgeio, quite close to the Metaxourgeio Metro Station. (See map

Please bookmark the XYZ Outlet program page, so you can keep up with events, or join our facebook page for regular updates.

For inquiries, please contact XYZ.