XYZ Outlet #16: Jimmy Efthimiou & Orizontas Gegonoton (Event Horizon) // "Eros or Nothing"

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XYZ Outlet #16: Jimmy Efthimiou & Orizontas Gegonoton | Eros or Nothing | Tuesday July 16th from 20:00 to 21:00 strictly | Perdika 8 & Achileos, Metaxourgeio, 104 36, Athens

XYZ Outlet continues, “DRY: No drinks, no party, just an art quickie”. For the last XYZ Outlet of the summer on Tuesday 26 July we are presenting the intervention “Eros or Nothing” by Athens-based artist Jimmy Efthimiou of the collective Orizontas Gegonoton (Event Horizon).

XYZ Outlet will be open to the public for one hour only, as always, between 20:00 and 21:00.

About the intervention “Eros or Nothing”

Jimmy Efthimiou of the collective Orizontas Gegonoton (Event Horizon) invites the public to ponder on the notions of Eros and Nothing, particularly during a time of financial and social crisis. “Eros or Nothing” starts as a questionnaire addressed to the audience, and develops into a multifaceted intervention which includes a projection of images, a dance performance and a few radio-controlled helicopters - a quirky reference to the former president of Argentina, Fernando de la Rua, who fled the Government House by helicopter when the country declared bankruptcy in 2001.

The questionnaire is included below and you may fill it out in advance and bring along or complete on the spot at XYZ Outlet. The answers are marked as follows: 1st question - 1 point, 2nd Question - 2 points and so on. The winner will be decided arbitrarily. The prize is a radio controlled helicopter. The audience is also invited to bring along their own radio controlled helicopters.

“Eros or Nothing”

A) Can naivety mobilise History?

1. No. This is a job exclusively for the technicians of power.
2.It has sufficient capacity to do so.
3. It has to.
4. It should.
5. That is an interesting question.

B) OUST! Define. Is it:

1.A vulgar, populist expression of relief.
2. A political message with various interpretations.
3. The operative word to shoo away a dog.
4. A brand of air-freshener, cleaning products etc.
5. An encoded message (acronym) of post - post-modern transgression.

C) If action replaces tears, what does teargas replace?

1. Don’t know/Don’t want to answer
2. The reversal of reversal.
3. The Stockholm Syndrome
4. Good company.
5. The ghost of liberty.

D)”Eros or Nothing”. Discuss.

About Jimmy Efthimiou and Orizontas Gegonoton (Event Horizon)

Jimmy Efthimiou

Born in 1961, he studied Mathematics and Art. He is involved with Art as he never had the will or the courage to excel in scuba diving or mountain climbing. His recent work comprises of details of gigantic works (of his).

Orizontas Gegonoton (Event Horizon) collective

An initiative by people working in culture and education, aiming to infuse everyday life with art and researching the contradictions that appear in the transitory era we live in. The collective comprises of more than 300 artists, photographers, architects, sculptors, writers, musicians etc. It is a Non - Profit Organisation founded in 2006 in Ilia, Greece, and has produced cultural activities throughout Greece and abroad. They are in the process of opening an interdisciplinary art space in Athens, at Keramikos Street 88, in the inner-city area of Keramikos.