XYZ Outlet #7: Panayiotis Loukas | "D'ailleurs, c'est toujours les autres qui meurent"

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XYZ Outlet #7: Panayiotis Loukas | "D'ailleurs, c'est toujours les autres qui meurent" | Tuesday 15 March|8pm| Perdika 8 & Achilleos, Metaxourgeio

For its 7th edition XYZ Outlet is presenting the installation "D'ailleurs, c'est toujours les autres qui meurent" by Greek artist Panayiotis Loukas.

XYZ Outlet will be open to the public for one hour only between 20:00 and 21:00.

Arthur C. Clarke once wrote that behind every living person stand thirty deceased, as this is the ratio between the dead and the living. But what makes a ghost noteworthy? Is it the mere fact that apparitions are somewhere else? Or that their appearances are exceptionally rare? If ghosts do indeed inhabit another world, why then appear in this one? If they remain here then how does one define what a ghost is? Why are they hiding? And if they are meant to hide why do they appear? Do they know they are ghosts or are they in denial? Could it be possible that they believe they are still some of us? How should ghosts act? Maybe it is a matter of race or of a previous life. Or is it a matter of a residence permit?

About Panayiotis Loukas

The works function as an ethology of the singular, similar to religious iconography, the difference being that herein there lies no promise of praise. They could act as decorations of the church of Nil. It is the realization that Jean-Honoré Fragonard and James Sidney Edouard, Baron Ensor could actually be the same person. An insidious decor against the faith of the others.

Panayiotis Loukas lives in Athens. He graduated from the Fine Art School of Athens in 2000. Since then he has participated in the 2nd Athens Biennial 2009, Heaven, in the section curated by Christopher Marinos, in Paint-Id (2009) at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki curated by Sotiris Bachtsetzis and several other exhibitions. In 2007 he received the AICA award for young artists. He is a regular contributor to kaput. online art magazine.