XYZ Outlet #14: Elisavet Kapogianni // Are you enjoying an intercontinental life?

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XYZ Outlet #14: Elisavet Kapogianni | Are you enjoying an intercontinental life? | Tuesday June 28th from 20:00 to 21:00 strictly | Perdika 8 & Achileos, Metaxourgeio

On Tuesday June 28th XYZ Outlet presents the installation Are you enjoying an intercontinental life? by Athens- based fashion designer Elisavet Kapogianni.

Are you enjoying an intercontinental life? aspires to create an immersive environment, highlighting the dark side of fashion; a side we consciously or unconsciously ignore. The title of the work itself poses a sarcastic question to both the workers and the consumers of the contemporary world, making the work’s intentions clear from the outset.

The ready-made and easily accessible clothes we enjoy today are part of a production chain involving many and varied departments, some directly connected with manual labour, and without the added value included in their design and promotion. The process of clothes-making has become remote and detached from their consumption, hidden in ateliers and manufacturing plants, often in sweatshops usually in places where the economic, political and cultural conditions allow it, labour rights are mostly nonexistent and child labour accepted.

The new conditions set by the financial crisis along with the inadequate political solutions posed to deal with it, allow for harsher work conditions (e.g. the abolition of collective agreements and of overtime), leading to the further disintegration of production units and commerce. What remains are abandoned, decadent spaces and bandaged creators.

Elisavet Kapogianni is a fashion designer. She studied at the University of Derby (UK). Upon graduation in 2002 she presented her first womens-wear collection at Graduate Fashion Week in London.She has worked for the London- based experimental brand Vexed Generation and has been involved with various cross-disciplinary design projects and exhibitions. She worked for seven years for a leading Greek womens-wear brand and in May 2010 she founded the Elisavet Kapogianni Design Studio in Athens. The Studio aims to be a creative workshop, exploring and crossing over ideas from various disciplines, operating as a resourceful fashion platform, responding creatively to design problems, but also communicating different ideas and notions beyond dress-making.