XYZ Outlet #5: Mavros Kyklos

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XYZ Outlet #5: Mavros Kyklos | Tuesday February 15, 2011, from 20.00 to 21.00, strictly | Perdika 8 & Achileos, Metaxourgeio

The Black Circle: an answer to a misguided comrade.

The Black Circle is the most genuine expression of the N.A. ideology in Greece. As a group of determined autonomists, we fight against the bourgeois state apparatus that compiles Greek parliamentary life. For more than two years, our networks fight against the onslaught of globalization with a single cause: to restore comradery and national autonomy.

The institutional guards of the state tremble and fall before our determination to transform the Greek youth into soldiers of fire, soil and blood. The state is trying to corrupt the youth by recruiting it into the organized youths of the bourgeois parties. The parliamentary far-Right is in full compliance with the agenda of global economy and remains faithful to the old disciplinary bourgeois state.

We have come to realize that our counter-propaganda machine has to endorse the structures of the art field in order to reach the most radical audiences of the social specter. Art has to overcome its glamorous status and reclaim the force of ideological density. Therefore we welcome the invitation by XYZ to present ourselves to the art public. On the 15th of February, The Black Circle will officially reply to an old friend, a misguided comrade who has lost track of the true meaning of autonomy. We want YOU there!!”

“The soldierly spirit is an attitude of mind which by no means needs to be connected with the use of weapons.” E.R.