Destroy Athens

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1st Athens Biennale 2007 | DESTROY ATHENS | 10th September - 18th November | ”Technopolis” of the City of Athens

Destroy Athens tells a story. A story about ruptures and dead-ends, which emerges from a completely empirical observation: we, each one of us, the subject of every action and every conscience is built through the eyes of others. What is important is that it is not being constructed by others – it is all an internal affair: the subject builds its own self, but its building material is the perception of others. And this fact is the precondition of any recognition, collectivity, connection, participation, sense of community.

This precondition is a necessity, but at the same time that the subject feels it, lives it and depends on it, it will never accept it: we never want to be what we are; we claim the right not to be what we are. Rupture is constantly lurking in the possibility of claiming refusal: at every instant, we are entitled to deny the precondition of collectivity and abolish any connection or relationship. The story is divided in six chapters.

Artists:  FIRST DAY: Julian Rosefeldt & Piero SteinleVoid NetworkMarc BijlThe ErasersAdbusters,hobbypopMUSEUMBanu Cennetoglu | SECOND DAY: Omer Ali KazmaNikos KessanlisJannis SavvidisFlorian SüssmayrCiprian MuresanChris EvansThe Otolith GroupEdward LipskiBernhard WillhelmYorgos SapountzisEva StefaniStefanos TsivopoulosOlaf NicolaiFolkert de JongJohn KlecknerJannis Varelas,Eva VretzakiStelios FaitakisPablo Picasso | THIRD DAY:Olaf BreuningGregor SchneiderThanassis TotsikasBjarne MelgaardAnnelise CosteLotte Konow LundJan FreuchenKajsa DahlbergRobert Gober,Georgia SagriPierre JosephSean LandersMark Manders | FOURTH DAY: Assume Vivid Astro FocusTorbjorn Rodland | FIFTH DAY: Aidas BareikisKimberly ClarkNarve HovdenakkMartin SkauenVassilis Patmios Karouk,Erkan OzgenJohn BockYiannis AdamakosTerence Koh | SIXTH DAY: Elodie PongTemporary Services & Angelo,Peter DreherChristian MarclayDerek JarmanEleni Mylonas

Please find more info on "Destroy Athens", as well as images from the exhibition, at the Athens Biennale website.