XYZ Outlet #1: In Danger of Early Disappearance

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XYZ Outlet #1: In Danger of Early Disappearance | A performance by Angelita Tsougou & Patricia Apergi | Tuesday, December 7th, 20:00 | 8, Perdika Street & Achileos Streets, Metaxourgeio

The first XYZ Outlet event is titled “In danger of early disappearance”, a performance based on “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a book which, though widely known, is not often appreciated for its deep and hard look into the dilemmas and conflicts of morality.

The performance is presented by actress Angelita Tsougou and Patricia Apergi. In their words: “In a temporary environment, a peculiar prince (doesn’t) look(s) at time. Snippets of a closed system pass repeatedly in front of him, in an attempt at answers. The more direct the question, the harder the answer. Uninvolved and impressing, the young prince mirrors those across, those outside, the others”.